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Establishment = repocrip and demblood communist stuffed suits.

Chumpo's mind and linguistic skills (which were never very good to begin with) are melting fast into total gibberish and lip-flipping drivel.





In the real world.....


From Nate Silver and 538....20 hours ago....Trump now trails Clinton by 6.5 percentage points in our popular vote forecast -- by comparison, he was 4.6 points back of Clinton a week ago, on Oct. 5, before the videotape or the second debate. So he's moving in the wrong direction as time is running out. While a Trump comeback is still mathematically feasible -- Trumps 17 percent chance in the polls-plus model, as we've pointed out before, is the same as your chances of losing a "game" of Russian roulette -- it wouldn't really have any good precedent in recent American presidential elections.


So there you have it...An improbable victory by the madman T'Rump would indeed be very much like losing a game of Russian roulette for America and our citizens.

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YOUR new scorched earth pivot will not get you pass 40 % no matter what happens .

Neither is your ideology's quantum mechanics models. Full of holes theology cannot fill theoretical values with.

I like seeing my enemies die slowly, the election being 26 days away is more painful for cons than if it was sooner , they've lost either way so lets enjoy seeing them bleed out like pigs at the slaughter house .

Think simultaneous existence never expanding beyond the moment here, what 26 days? That is relative interpretation of managed time while only existing in the moment here speaking within a what if proposition. Tic toc..

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