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Yes, the gaddy-eyed little pretend-president is brought to tears by the “beautiful sound” of beheading infidels, circumcising 12-year-old girls, throwing homosexuals off tall buildings, bombing Israeli schools, drowning non-believers in steel cages and committing cowardly mass murders all over the world in the name of his pagan idol Al'la. Allahu Akbar, Barry!

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How can a culture gain sane ground - - - evolve forward - - - make scientific breakthroughs - - - step into the future - - - develop positive technology - - - fit into the 21st century, when they stop everything they are doing, & fart to their god a half dozen times a day, for 1,400 years?

If Bell - Edison - & Ford were Muslims, we'd be communicating with smoke signals - reading by torch light - & riding camels.

My Christian God can hear me whisper, I don't need to rant & rave; and I can actually pray while working,

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