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Michele Bachmann: A Clinton Presidency Will Lead To Sexual Assaults

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Another winner, cons, thank you for making the USA the laughingstock of the world.



Michele Bachmann Warns Christians: Voting For Hillary Clinton Will Lead To Sexual Assaults

Claims the Democratic nominee’s “anti-biblical agenda” will spark violence against women.






Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is warning Christians that if they don’t vote for Donald Trump, the country will experience a wave of sexual assaults.

In an interview with the American Pastors Network’s radio program on Monday, Bachmann said “liberals” were using Trump’s “lewd, crude remarks” to encourage Christian women to vote for Hillary Clinton. But that, she claimed, would be even worse for women than a Trump presidency.

“I believe that Hillary Clinton will set a standard in this country that will lead to more sexual assaults against women because she will be setting an anti-biblical agenda,” Bachmann said.


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