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Women form human chain outside trump tower...


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Ever see such a collection of bongo-butt buffalinas, unbathed barnyard animals, hairy-faced bulldykes and shrieking fagsters?


President Trump just pissed on that mob from his bedroom window.


See that "orange rain" coming down?


Know what we mean?




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Women Form Human Chain Outside Trump Tower: 'Pussy Came To Shut It Down!'



Pure political theater in protest over if everyone doesn't follow their desires, nobody is going to find peace in their lifetime. What we have here is a failure to recognize the self evident and those directing social oputcomes for all arriving ancestors demostrate how misery loves company and the unions formed by malcontents are content in making everyone more miserable than they are.


All because they will not face self containment honestly. The belief anything is possible only allows denial to rule all social justifications ignoring self evident displacement of universal positions and ancestral conclusions added so far. Everything else is just semantics built by doubting real theoretically and theologically giving ideology rule of thumb and boot to mob mentality.

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What we have here is Sole channeling Cool Hand Luke.

And since art directs reality, show me how it doesn't apply psychologically, philosophically, artistically, politically, spiritually, academically, economically, socially as all these don't function without genetic progression moving life one lifetime at a time now when here.


Prove it isn't staged behavior so a minority opinion directs the majority of the population managed by deception from all parties in the above categories of societal evolution?


I just showed it does actually and all you have is working theories and practicing theologies to keep everyone confused with half truths interpretated from radial positions of defining reality directed from central authority teaching everyone to think beyond self contained by the momemt here.


You don't want honesty so you push asserted recited truths about human behavior when living sole existences simultaneously. Go ahead and use symbolic values and metaphors aimed to hypothetical goals where each person has their own instinctive perception navigating moving at the same time with, without, for, against, just tryong to make the most of the moment while here cradle to grave as equally occupying the atmosphere.

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