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Singer kneels during National Anthem in protest

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In solidarity with some of the players and the black community, the singer of the National anthem went down on one knee during the performance.


She later said: “I cannot idly stand by as black people are unlawfully profiled, harassed and killed by our law enforcement over and over and without a drop of accountability,” she wrote. “The sad reality is, as a white American, I am bestowed a certain privilege in this nation that is not enjoyed by all people. Black families are having much different conversations with their children about how to interact with the police than white families.”



National anthem protests now include the actual anthem performer




(Video at above link)



The national anthem protests sweeping across the United States don’t typically involve the singer of the actual anthem. That changed Monday when one anthem singer decided to make a statement.

On Monday night, the Sacramento Kings hosted Israeli basketball team Maccabi Haifa B.C. during an exhibition game in Sacramento. Before the game, singer Leah Tysse sang the national anthem both on her two feet and on one knee.

The protest occurred before the first ever basketball game at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, and Tysee said Tuesday it was the “most patriotic thing I could do.” After the protest occurred, the Kings said they respected Tysse’s right to “exercise her freedom of speech” and that she was chosen to sing the anthem by a “partner organization,” not by the Kings.

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I keep hearing people say "Black families are having much different conversations with their children about how to interact with the police than white families". Why? Simply tell your child "If you get stopped by an officer...it doesn't matter if you are walking, driving or sitting...don't get an attitude. If you think they were wrong to stop you, tough shit...deal with the situation at hand. Be respectful, obey all request/commands. If they want to give you a ticket or even arrest you...cooperate. We will deal with it at a later time."


A "young" man in our church...he happens to be black, probably in his late twenties...was jogging one evening last November. There was a little chill in the air and it was misting rain so he was wearing a light hoodie. He was stopped by police because a few blocks away a young black man wearing a black hoodie had beat the shit out of someone in a drug store parking lot. Now, this guy's hoodie was blue, so technically he didn't fit the description. He did not have his wallet, but did have his phone. Since he had no way to show he lived in the area, he was detained. He said he stayed calm and cooperative, didn't resist when they wanted to cuff him and finally convinced them to call his wife. She brought his wallet to them, they verified what he was saying and he finished his jog. The ONLY thing he said he took from the incident...carry you wallet when jogging. Of course, he should have been doing that anyway because there are idiots driving cars and you never know when you are going to get injured by one, avoiding one or simple step on something and fall. An ID and insurance card would be useful if something happened.

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