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As I Visit Mary Jane (Part IX)

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I hear that religion is for crazy people

Oh, look at the crazy people who believe in a person in the sky

Those gullible fools

Believing in something that has never been proven, probably never will be

And so on


But I gotta say that thinking people just evolved from monkeys is just as "crazy"

They even admit that evolution is a theory

Its called the Theory of Evolution

It has not been proven, probably never will be

Kinda makes these people gullible too


Both have thier "truth" about the creation of the planet and the universe in general


Why is one crazy but not the other?

That makes no sense


I just think its a weird thing to call someone crazy because they believe in something that isn't totally proven as the people doing the calling are doing so based on a theory that isn't totally proven


Thoughts brought to you by a blunt of Skywalker

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