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In Case You Missed This Week's SNL

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Don't go out of my way to watch it, why would I miss not seeing it. Just the mask of humor to degrade characteristics and drive ancestors to act like characters on stage in every stage of social situtations.


You know, that does art imitate reality or does reality become directed by artistic impression?

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My favorite parts:

Moderator: Mrs . Clinton, would you like to see Donald Trump DROP OUT OF THE RACE?

HRC. No no no let's give him a shot.


HRC: I would like to address any of the women voters out there who saw the video and are still thinking of voting for Trump....My babies, ya brain's broke.



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I am old enough to remember when SNL was really funny and not a extension of NBS politics.

Wouldn't it be nice for you to go back in time when cops would beat a black man and he'd say " thanks i had that coming " now all these kids on SNL have a political message and care about social justice , yep the country is going to hell in hand basket because SNL isn't telling irrelevant jokes that have point .

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