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Trump Recited False Info at a Rally from Russian Disinformation Op. Ho

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Trump Recited False Info at a Rally from Russian Disinformation Op.


How did he get it?



At a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump held up a piece of paper and proceeded to report a false story that had only been reported by a Russian controlled agency, Sputnik, a Russian propaganda outlet.



This just came out a little while ago, Trump said. I have to tell you this. And then he read the words from my [Eichenwalds] article.


In the article linked below, Eichenwald explains that the false information originated from a hacked email from John Podestas account and was related to the Benghazi investigation. In the hacked email, Blumenthal quoted Eichenwalds Newsweek article but the Russian agency distorted the information to make it appear as if the words were Blumenthals in attempt to link it to Hillary. Trump quoted this exact misinformation at his rally.


This misinformation was only available on the Russian Propaganda station Sputnik for a very brief time until they removed it. So the question is, how did Trump get his little digits on it?

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What is the difference between completely wrong and just incomplete? this concept of if not completely true then everything is false or a lie is intellectual stupidity at its best.


Not to mention completely contradictory to anything is possible mindset of having an open mind.


Having an open mind translates to being swayed by power of suggestion and believe anything is possible but an individual being able to navigate eternity without eternal help socially.

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