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IGNORE the Establishment ELITE BS, and VOTE your CONCIOUS !!

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The polls are all over the place, I wouldn't count your chickens yet.


And as far as the debate goes, there are stories that 3 major media organizations have told their employees to STOP TRUMP, and ANY Trump supporters would not be tolerated... Sound like a Democracy to YOU? Freedom of speech? Freedom of thought?


THIS is what the LIBERALS have in mind for America... If that happens, America is DONE...


Nevertheless, polls and stories are BLATANTLY BIASED, and should be IGNORED. AND with all the BIG Business, BIG Money and BIG Media against Trump (and pro Hillary... ignoring her Corruption, Lies, and Deceit), and a HUGE segment of society who disagree with the "establishment elites", THIS ELECTION is NOT OVER YET !!


The PEOPLE are AGAINST the elites, and the elites are using EVERY TRICK they can to maintain POWER...So,


People need to VOTE their conscious, ignore the establishment elite BS, and lets see what happens... BREXIT was NEVER supposed to pass either... but the PEOPLE made it happen... and ALL the Doomsday BS that the elites spewed, NEVER HAPPENED !!


THIS may be Americas LAST, BEST chance to take back power from the BIG Money elites...

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