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Evangies dump Trump..Who still supports him besides commies?

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David Brooks writes in the NYT that Trump is the loneliest, angriest person on the planet. Can't connect to anyone, not even his kids

The scene took place during 21 April 1945, in a military briefing with a lot of generals. Krebs informs that the enemy has broken through a wide front, while in the background, Fegelein enters. Günsche is also briefly seen. Krebs also informs of other suburbs of Berlin under attack, pointing at a map around the Berlin area. Hitler assures that Steiner's assault will bring it under control. His statement evokes dead silence in the room. Krebs attempts to explain the situation, but falters, leaving Jodl to break the news that Steiner couldn't get enough soldiers to ward off the Soviet troops.


Visibly upset, Hitler tells everyone to leave except Generals Keitel, Jodl, Krebs, and Burgdorf, and after the last person closes the door immediately flies into a rage, where he states that Steiner's attack was an order. Outside, everyone listens, and Gerda cries. He declares that the military has been lying to him from the very beginning; even the SS. As he rants that the generals are cowards, Burgdorf tells him that he shouldn't insult the soldiers, but Hitler continues that they are betrayers, cowards and failures. Burgdorf declares that Hitler's accusations are outrageous, but Hitler doesn't listen and says how they are the scum of the German people, throws down his pencils at the map, and yells, "Sie ist ohne Ehre!" (literally: "it [viz. the army leadership] is without honor").

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