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Warren Buffett Releases Tax Data, Demolishes Trump's Argument For

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When warren Buffet a real billionaire was 13 he was already working and paying taxes , what was trump doing at 13 ? kinda blows a hole in the theory that liberals are lazy " TAKERS " and conservatives are hard working over taxed Stewards of all that's good and fair in America .

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Warren Buffet is an American version of George Soros or just another Koch Brothers as one person. Ideology doesn't change size by the amount of brains reciting the same ideas, just the amount of people fooled for their time living a life.


Representing the ancestry that put me here in this atmosphere is a tremendous responsibility most never really comprehend how to do socially when too busy saving someone else's interpretation of reality.


the people that got me to have a lifetime are dead and my siblings and their children is all that is left beyond the two children my wife and I added to the moment as well.


I stopped pretending real doesn't matter and everyone defending reality thinks I have become unreal, lost, confused, senile. Just because I won't accept reality as all I need to know about, doesn't make me less civil than what I was before retiring from educated stupidity leading me to my grave.

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