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These Conservatives coming out against Trump = so phoney

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Why do the presidential debates suck? The foxes are in the chicken coop.

The League of Women Voters served as a genuinely nonpartisan presidential debate sponsor from 1976 until 1984. The League courageously included popular independent candidates and prohibited the major-party campaigns from manipulating debate formats.
In 1988, the George Bush and Michael Dukakis campaigns drafted the first secret debate contract -- a "Memorandum of Understanding" that dictated who could participate and under what conditions.
The League of Women Voters refused to implement the contract and issued a blistering press release, stating that "the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter."
In 1988, the CPD seized control of the presidential debates from the League and has sponsored every presidential debate since.
It is precisely because the League had the courage to resist the demands of the major-party candidates that the CPD was created. The Republican and Democratic parties would not tolerate a debate sponsor that insisted on challenging formats or the inclusion of third-party candidates.
In 1986, the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee ratified an agreement "for the parties to take over presidential debates." In 1987, the chairs of the Republican and Democratic parties incorporated the CPD. In 1988, the CPD seized control of the presidential debates from the League and has sponsored every presidential debate since.
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typical conservatives are so so so phoney they stink to high heaven .....


Will say or do anything to get elected or re-elected = so so very shallow!



Bump for America! and Jill Stein



General Colin Powell was quoted as saying on matters of national security and for classified materials private emails/laptops were not permissible ........


For personal BS ...... perhaps.


Hillary and Bill have some things in common ..... recklessness stands out.




What’s Deplorable? This is Deplorable.


"Bill Clinton signed off on NAFTA, claiming it would create more and better jobs. He ended welfare as we knew it with "Welfare Reform". He escalated the "War on Drugs" and built multiple new prisons, creating the police state we have now ... And the world's leading rate of incarceration ... Disproportionately Black. Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall, deregulating the banking industry, with disastrous results.


"During Bill's tenure, Hillary was his co-president. Having been fooled once, it's hard for some to believe what she's saying now. Will she improve the lot of the middle class by, for instance, declaring, once again, for the Trans-Pacific Partnership or will she be in favor of a heavy tax on outsourcing?


How much is Hillary spending to distract voters from her reckless behavior? I say a billion $$$$$. Good-bye 99% Hillary will not be working for the 99%


Will she help ordinary people by consolidating the "too big to fail" big banks even further? Will she provide second rate health care to all Americans by expanding the power of the insurance industry?


Clintons Pushing the Democratic Party To The Right



How the Koch brothers helped dismantle the Democratic Party





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