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Brian Williams on Trump: ‘Maybe We’re the Delusional Ones

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It appears some liberals are coming to terms with what will happen. They know they can't stop Trump. Trump will be President.


Brian Williams on Trump: ‘Maybe We’re the Delusional Ones

Sunday following the second presidential debate on MSNBC, anchor Brian Williams responded to remarks from GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, who was speculating on how that debate might impact vice-presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN).

According to Schmidt, not thinking Pence would be “tainted” would be “delusional,” to which replied that perhaps they are the delusional ones.

“Maybe some of this is what is going on behind the scenes, maybe it is delusional, who are delusional,” Williams said. “We’re the delusional ones.”

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The news media and the repuke and demo rat establishment know EXACTLY

what they are doing which is following the marching orders of their rich puppet

masters who own them and bribe them to "conserve" the wealth of the rich.


That is why the rich love hillary. She can be bought to work for the rich and

fuck the middle class by sending jobs to asia for dirt wages, no pollution laws,

no anti-child labor laws (hillary hates children).

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I think YOU have this one RIGHT...


The Puppet masters DO NOT LIKE IT, when the PUPPETS and the PIONS, want to become the MASTERS...


They will do EVERYTHING in their power to stop Donald Trump... because Dems or Repubs., a Trump win will RIP POWER from their grubby hands... and they DO NOT want to accept it.

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