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Is trump actually that dumb?...or trying to appeal to the Low Informat

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the higher the education, the lower they are informed about things being self evident as kinetically existing together as simultaneously existing while here and the more they wished reality ruled the self evident with artificial facts built by science fiction and spiritual fantasies practicing training brains to mind philosophy with psychological class warfare changing means of revolution from bullets to ballots.

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And that will be Stupid Trumps legacy, he attracted the support of Americas', and the worlds worst, most heinous, evil elements. The sick moron poisoned American politics for 18 months before the public rose up and got rid of him. The GOP will suffer many years of shame, wiping off the stench of Donald Trump!


IOW, yes he IS that dumb, didn't care, and only wanted attention, even if it was morbid and morose curiosity. He accomplished NOTHING, just showed the world that he's the ugliest American ever..

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