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trumps campaign manager says she might leave the campaign


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BREAKING: Trump’s Campaign Manager Says She Might Leave The Campaign (VIDEO)
By Sarah on October 9, 2016 11:39 pm ·

There may be trouble in paradise amid the folks over at the Donald Trump campaign. After the recent tapes were leaked showing Trump to the misogynistic sexual predator that he so absolutely is, we haven’t been hearing much, if anything, from Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

Then, while being interviewed by Chris Matthews on MSNBC, Conway may have revealed something — she might leave the campaign.

Matthews asks Conway:

So, are you with the campaign til the bitter end?”

Conway responded:

“I’m with the campaign to the bitter end…. unless…”

Seemingly taken aback like the rest of us at home, Matthews presses Conway:

“Unless what?”

Conway quickly scrambled together an answer.

Then, when pressed on it later by Rachel Maddow, Conway put together a reason that involved if her family needed her, and not at all around the fact that her candidate is a racist and misogynistic pervert.

The fact that she said “unless” is absolutely telling of how she may feel about her current position within the campaign.

Only time will tell to see if Conway stands by her candidate — or not — until the bitter end, but one thing is for certain, it’s likely getting harder for her by the day.

Watch Conway admit she may leave here:



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Odds are Conway and Pence might both be gone by election day.


Look for Trump to hire General Flynn as his running mate for three weeks, LOL!, WHAT A JOKE...


Leaving Trump only with alt-right neo-nazi Steve Bannon, who they keep locked in the basement of Trump Tower...

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In her position she has to do damage control for Trump. That's difficulty enough, but almost impossible for a woman to spin this pussy grabbing stuff and come off as sincere, sorta.

I'm sure there are more tapes similar out there

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