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"Our Hearts Go Out . . . . . ."

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At services this morning, Rev. Clinch called on his devout flock to "have pity for the kinky-haired, red-eyed, wide-snouted, monkey-lipped nigqer beasts."


"Try to imagine how it would feel to be a dirty fatherless bastard," he shouted.


"Just think if you were cursed to have jutting, upthrust hindquarters like one of those nasty bubble-butt bongo bunnies!"


"Reflect on how you would feel to have a lower IQ than a pile of goat excrement!"


"To be regularly seized by an uncontrollable urge to perpetrate all forms of violence, from babyshaking to rioting and looting to drive-bys!"


"To be the most cowardly, shiftless, parasitic piece of two-legged garbage in existence!"


"To know that Almighty God and his Son, Jesus of Nazareth, despise the sight, sound and smell of you!"


Every member of our congregation was inspired to go forth on this Holy Sabbath, find a loathsome shitskin critter, capture it, and administer a cleansing beatdown.


Know what we mean?



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There is a Satan, running against Trump.


The American people, in the end, will recognize the orange face of true evil. And defeat Trump in the most lopsided election of modern times.

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