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The Republican party will go the way of the Whigs

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The Republican party will go the way of the Whigs. The majority of the states they carry are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things anyway.



All the Red States who vote Republican who are known for: lowest wages, lowest levels of education, most obese, most divorces, get more $$ back from the Gov't than they send in Tax's.



From watching years of fox "news" and listening to the right wing hacks like Rushbo, these folks are told that it isn't the policies of Republicans who have bankrupted us and sent all of our jobs overseas. Why no, don't you know its from all these "Inner City" folks living on welfare that has bankrupted us. Its the hispanics taking our jobs that has caused all these white folks to be poor. The Republican Party always has to have an enemy that is the root of of their problems. Its sad and pathetic

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Most of the jobs were given to robots: they weren't sent overseas and the jobs that were will not return. Trump was asked over and over about which jobs he would cause to return and all he did was yammer on and on about those that he would somehow not allow to be exported. There is a possibility of new jobs in fields that require more training and education will surface, but they are unlikely to return to the Rust Belt and the towns with shut down coal mines.

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To a Republican, including conmen like Trump, college loans are a source to be exploited.


In Florida, we have Stone Crabs. A stone crab has two claws, one huge and the other small. The claws are delicious. The crab fishermen trap these crabs, pull off the large claw and throw them back into the ocean. The small claw grows larger and a new claw grows where the old one was torn off.


The business plan of for-profit and other colleges is to take in students who do not have the abilities, the gumption, or both to succeed in college. They are very poor at math, so they sign any agreement for the free tuition money. As a rule, about 70-80% flunk out and stop attending, leaving the college richer and the student with a debt that he cannot repay, This is what I call the Stone Crab Student Loan business Plan: the student is trapped into a loan, the college keeps the money, just like the fishermen keeps the large clam=w, and then throws the student back. The graduation rate of students who enroll in some colleges and come out with a degree five years later is as low as 5%, The students who actually graduate from these school;s are most often people who flunked out or otherwise abandoned other, more demanding colleges previously.


The worst thing is that once the student has used up his loan money, he cannot go back. He is like a Stone Crab that cannot grow back his missing claw.

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They tell us that "The Government is the Problem"; but as I see it, the problem is that this is much more the case when the Republicans are in charge: they try to milk any program for their own personal gain.


The slogan should be "Republican Government is the Problem".

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