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Yes, the World today is connected, but it's not


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Just like they laid those cables under the Atlantic finishing the project up in 1958

Yes, yes, we were somewhat connected to Europe to communicate by telegraph,

but no no, we were not.


The prince from Nairobi died, he was related to you, little did you know, and now, there's

several millions stuck in a bank account nobody can claim, unless you, are dimwitted enough

to fall for that scam.


The Europeans came to the new world once, and Yes, they were genetically connected to the endogenous

peoples of the America's. But no, they were not no, they were not connected to the customs that way of life.

They were different.



Connections. Cables, a jump drive, filled with all kinds of mayhem if you like.A cable, no mind meld, no measure

one could have mistook for being connected when they are, because they are.


So wireless, go wireless, the wireless interlude.

Pop up, just open up your antenna and there you are connected magically.

But are you?





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