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Crazy guy's hope for Equality in the new world, that's been ar


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Okay, so Marx was a philosopher that everyone uses when they think socialism or communism. Truth be told however, if Lennon had not picked it up, the name Marx would have likely never be spoken by most.

Probably you might have to search hard and long to ever hear about the guy. Marx had a real problem with Capitalism in his day. Sure, it did open up and foster a lot of grand things, things that would never have been possible one might add, countless things that I won't go into, but countless things that we all know about...


Anyway, Marx was right about inequality then big time, just as he is also right about inequality now.


So I like to think about the looming National Debt, the crises as folks on the right like to project it. Where our young people will be straddled by so much debt that they will all be sunk with no way out, not never,

like say, a tipping point. Once we hit the tipping point, all bets are off, the right likes to say.


But it isn't looming at all when one thinks about the interest rates as well as the geopolitical world markets that entail all the most richest nations of today. No, it's not looming at all, but what is, is climate change and inefficiency.


I think if we were to spend a ton of money and remake our energy grid and then utilize the green technologies that we have today, we would solve a huge issue that faces all humankind today.


Take a look around, not just at the U.S., but all around the globe. Let's talk about the world resources everywhere. South America, Central America, North America, Europe, East and West, Africa the continent, The Asia, and South Pacific nations, and yes, even the Middle East.


China and India have giant populations, they are consumers yet they require trade to give them this so called boot in the ass to get the interchange of sustainable economics going, if you will


Smartly planned, ha ha ha, we might add, but nevertheless, smartly planned, given their lack of many resources, as well as their abundance of other resources, they could do very very well, if, all things considered could ever be, planned the right way...



First, renewable energy would be a gigantic boom that pays way past the investment. Clean air, clean water, reduction of many environmental diseases, and ways to deliver on intelligently planned

and renewable food resources, would spell out less war, and less despots in the long-run --- despots like to use resources in unkindly ways by the way. Each country does need to sort these things pretty much on their own, but if there were to be Nations joining hands and resource wisely, if ever there truly were, they would someday, figure it out on their own - oh fuck, North Korea, no don't, they would have a rebellion one day on their own, I think.



I know this is a crazy Utopian / Egalitarian sort of view, but Marx and Engels were, I think at least, partly right - not that they apply to today in any way shape or form. But then again, I think that perhaps Adam Smith was also on the right track in a way too, and so was John Locke. A wonderful book that came out just a few years ago is also quite enlightening about our shared past - the novel about the Black General,

Alex Dumas, by Tom Reiss, that describes true European history - the boy from Haiti who later rebelled against Napoleon Bonaparte has a lot to say.


We are not powerless like they say we are at all. I think we've only just begun.



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