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After Trump loses, GOP must publicly disassociate with...

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...Giuliani, Gingrich, Ailes, Limbaugh, Fox News, Palin, Coulter, Christie, the alt-right, and all the fringe psychotics, racists, and misogynists, that were lured and conned by the sociopath Trump...


If Priebus, McConnell, and Ryan are smart, the GOP should move center-right without hesitation, post Trumps loss on November 8th... Or they won't be considered a party that will survive in the near future. Drop the anti-immigrant hate, help create a path for citizenship, try to win some Latino and African-American support which Trump completely decimated. Stop the erase and replace Obamacare bullshit. Admit that climate change is NOT a hoax. The GOP must drop the stupidity, which will cost them the White House for three consecutive cycles. They will evaporate into dust if they don't immediately make these changes


The Republican Party already has a foot and a leg in the grave thanks to Trump putting them on life-support, dire circumstances, and deep public shame. Only hope for the post-Trump GOP to survive ... otherwise they will face certain demise. It will be R.I.P. for the GOP, thanks to America's worst redneck idiots believing in the biggest phony/liar ever... Donald Trump: Wanted for murdering the GOP!


Some will wonder for a long time, if it was pre-meditated murder!

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