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No Dignity: Paul Ryan will campaign with Trump

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I think Pence may have won him over with his true, disgusting conservatism, or Trump promised him a hell of a deal.




Paul Ryan Burns Final Shred Of Dignity, Will Campaign With Trump

He condemns the GOP nominee all the time. But he’s still voting for him.





WASHINGTON ― Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is campaigning with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Wisconsin on Saturday, though it kind of seems he didn’t want you to know that.

Ryan’s campaign released a media advisory Thursday titled, “Paul Ryan to Attend Annual Fall Fest in Walworth County.” It’s an event in Ryan’s home state, and the advisory lists lots of state officials attending.

Oh, and three paragraphs in, it mentions Trump will be there too.

It’s the first time the two will appear together since the Republican National Convention in July. Got any questions about Ryan’s decision to share a stage with Trump? “All questions related to Mr. Trump should be directed to the Trump campaign,” the release says.

The speaker condemns the GOP nominee all the time. He’s called him out for joking about someone shooting Hillary Clinton, anti-semitism, racism, insulting a Gold Star family, praising an Iraqi dictator, inciting violence, and associating with white supremacists, among other things.

But Ryan is still endorsing Trump for president. What a hypocritical louse.

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