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Obamacare for illegals...Clinton: "Crazy Obamacare"


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7 years ago Republicans said it was "crazy"...


I guess Clinton now agrees...


And Joe Wilson stated that the real goal was get illegals healthcare with the government footing some of the bill..




And we were right!

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The Affordable Care act is not perfect.. But it is a good step towards government managed health care... which I support


Fuck those insurance executives and there enormous salarys

Tell me this, why are the public employees insurance plans the most expensive plans around? These are the teachers and State and Federal employees. They have no shareholders, no stocks, and no rich CEO. Why does Milwaukee public school district charge tax payers over $26,000/yr for insurance, but if you buy a private plan with the same coverage (or as close as you can get) cost around 2/3 of that?

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