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The gop is running out of Inventions for their rednecks..

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LMAO....drudge, as credible as Foxaganda for Idiots




Leave it to the Uneducated easy prey rednecks, they'll believe anything, and the gop knows it


Redneck this and that petty, picky, fussy peasant groupie crap all the time. You just get tired of it.


Trump: Hillary Focusing On “Petty Things” To Distract From Her “Enormous Corruption And Criminal Conduct”


"Her only method of making money is by selling government favors."

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and trump is in a death spiral...I'm LMAO at the republiKan Circus!

What is with the bait and switch title? What inventions? artistic impressions of what could exist when everyone denies the simiplicity of self containment that allows corruption to go unchecked by moral superiority, legal precedence, ethical treatment for those following academic standards of interpretation, and artistic license to build false impressions leads to a greater good result?


You are an educated idiot that comes to be the image of a zombie that has no instinctive curiosity alive in their own thinking following social interpretations for everything going on currently.to the context of science fiction, spiritual fantasy, economic possibility, when everyone follows the rule of law as interpreted by those managing social outcomes for everyone else's ancestry but their own getting all the privileges that get paid for by those directed in acting as "we the People" blindly loyal to the person or persons allowing us to believe real doesn't matter and character counts for everything.


A long time ago I discovered a thought that consciousness is induced by instinctive operations moving the sole reproduction of ancestry around when awake. That navigating simultaneous existing thing I discuss and everyone calls word salad and gibberish because they understand it implodes everything they want others to believe possible and pay rent to recited it cradle to grave...

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Trump is leading. Trump will win.

Trump winning doesn't change how things remain corrupted everywhere all the time. Trump is a step, once he is elected as a one term President he needs to come down from the platitude of I'm the boss and everyone better learn to obey or they're fired isn't going to work at all.


Trump is a pawn, not a king when it comes to genetic progression. level playing field where time is always now and the future is here as is everything added so far now.


Screw making the country great, it is about allowing ancestors to be what they remain in plain sight, not some symbolic value created by illusions of dreaming anything is possible.


That is how corruption is limited to the corrupted and the completely corrupted is less than 1% of the population that manages what the other 99+% believe possible.


Lesson of natural balancing, saving those that will not, do not, and cannot save themselves only reduces the chances a species can remain part of the moemnt eternally and increases the chances that they destroy themselves before natural disaster do from their own nature of trying to take control iof self contianment that naturally keeps everything in place while placed kinetically.


Now does that sound like the caricature of there could be God and Eternity when now is Eternity currently displacing everything universally here "connected by molecular migration and inverting combinations.


So simple and humanity creates so many ways to translate it differently, history has educated everyone reasons not to believe it is possible.and manifested philosophical paths and psychological methods to hold everyone pursuing truth, social justification, and human rights to think reality is all anyone needs to know as written by law and in spirit words mean everything believed true.

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