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blacks say YOUR life does not matter unless you are black

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A guy holds up a sign saying "all lives matter" in a dangerous

black area of NYC. He was attacked by ass hole black thugs.


Conclusion: blacks say YOUR life does not matter unless you are black


black thug professional athletes say the lives of brave black police officers,

black teachers, and black American military men do not matter if they oppose

black thugs committing crimes.


ms-13 gang murders 4 teenagers in NYC.


Conclusion: YOUR life does not matter unless you are a black thug.


And you are NOT allowed to have a gun in NYC UNLESS you are a criminal.


If you are a law abiding, white citizen in NYC carrying a gun,


a. You must die if confronted by blacks, or

b. You must go to jail for carrying a gun and die in jail attacked by blacks


If you speak out the truth about black ass hole criminals, you are a racist.


If you say it is okay for black racists to attack whites, you are a democrat.

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should all black thugs, brown gangbangers, white redneck trash and drug users all be

shipped over to syria, iraq, mogadishu, africa and each be given an ak-47 with

two bullets and a good luck wish?


We could solve the crime problem, empty our prisons, have safe streets in the US.

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