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Trump is just a deranged prick with a screw loose!!

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F all the analysis. This sick bastard never grew up, was spoiled rotten. Had an ice-cold upbringing witnessing his parents probable loveless marriage...


Young Donald learned how to lie, about everything, to everyone, at anytime, more than likely from Fred Trump. But in his 7 decades of existence he just got worse and worse. Using people, abusing women. Power over people felt good to Trump. Thats what he's all about, the cult of personality. Debase of actual morals...


...kill or be killed.


...steal or be stolen from.


...lie or be lied to.


He's obviously always feeling threatened. But MOST humans go thru real adversity, unlike the young punk Trump could never dream of going thru, ever. Most folks learn to cope with and improve their lives. Trump could never cope. He is incorrigable, and permanently mentally unfit.


Therefore, after Trump joins the ranks of failed GOP nominees McCain and Romney, someone should quietly escort Donald to a nice private facillity upstate, where he can be lobotomized, and justifiably removed from society, cause he's just a deranged prick with a screw loose.


He'll be a lot better off, so will the rest of us! Buh-lieve me!!

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The kind that steal from themselves.. A lot of Americans do it.. That Billion dollar in losses went into someones pocket and I am sure it made it back to Trump somehow.


I have paid on average 20K$ a year to live in this country and in Maryland. Trump has paid fucking ZERO. It seems very unfair to me.


The bottom line is Trump is not, and never will be, a man of the people. He's a mentally ill tyrant. He would absolutely hate being president, too many rules to follow. He couldn't handle it...


His 'advantages' are a slap in the face of the 99%. He's a lowlife thief, he should be forced to pay back everyone he's ever fucked over!!

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