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White House Denies Jerusalem Is In Israel

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The White House had to correct the location on its release of President Barack Obamas remarks Friday in Jerusalem.


The White House forgot its own policy on Jerusalem Friday at least temporarily.


The administration initially sent out a copy of President Barack Obamas remarks at former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres funeral in Jerusalem, indicating that the remarks had been given in Jerusalem, Israel. But later Friday afternoon, the press office sent out a correction to the previous email, striking out Israel from the header of the transcript.


Obama delivered the eulogy at Israeli national cemetery Mount Herzl.


U.S. policy has long refrained from recognizing any nations sovereignty over Jerusalem. Both Israelis and Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital, with Israel declaring in 1980 the city was its undivided capital. A 2015 Supreme Court decision reaffirmed U.S. practice that forbids Americans born in Jerusalem to list Israel as their country of birth on passports.

The U.S. embassy in Israel is in Tel Aviv, but the country maintains a consulate in Jerusalem. Congress passed a law in 1995 calling for the embassy to be moved to Jerusalem, but presidents since then have used their waiver authority to prevent the change.

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This was the proper thing to do.

It is of minimal importance.


Moving the US Embassy would cost millions, inconvenience Israelis by moving to a location further away from the center of population, and there is no place under Israeli control where it could be built without tearing down one or more significant structures.


Tel Aviv has been made very secure, Making some site in Jerusalem the location would never be as secure.

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hillary said that any country which builds walls to protect itself

is just imprisoning itself.


the jews in Palestine constantly build walls to keep out Palestinians

in their own country.


hillary is against those walls even though she was trashing Trump

as usual for trying to protect the USA from illegals, drug dealers,

and terrorists.


hillary believes it is okay for drug criminals and terrorists to come here

but not for Palestinians to be free to move about in their own country.


hillary is fucking nuts. :blink: :wacko:

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Ha, ha, ha, ha.


The vatican isn't in Italy, Washington DC isn't in the United States and the Whitehouse spouts this nonsense? Corruption doesn't get any worse that what it has become now.


The ruled aren't allowed to stop it morally, legally, or ethically, so how will humans save homo sapien existence without destroying every ancestor worshipping their loyalty to ideology of their own creation?


Walk away.while remaining a sole result of specific displacement tied together eternally here now like there never was a tomorrow or yesterday actually existing other than making believe it was possible.


Once trained to deny, simplicity is the hardest thing to recapture and honesty won't exist until everyone does.

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