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It is not a big deal to experience business losses as to taxes

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The news media and hillary are so excited they could just poop in

finding out that Trump might not have paid taxes.


Whooooooopie!!! But is it that big of a deal?


If you are running a business, especially a startup, It is no big deal to

experience business losses as to taxes instead of net profits from which

taxes are paid.


In businesses, one has to buy equipment and supplies, pay workers and

pay for rented space or buy property, pay for marketing and overhead, etc.

Everything added together on a Schedule C can easily add up to LOSSES

instead of net profits. Sooooo, no income taxes are paid.


If hillary had not been pigging out at the public trough all her life and had

actually ever run a real business instead of selling access to govt power in

exchange for bribe money, she would know these things.

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Trump: I'm a brilliant businessman.

We now know your great business acumen lost you close to a billion dollars.

1. I am impressed that he had a billion dollars to lose, and

2. There must have been a lot more money that he made, and

3. I am sure he pays for his airliner and pilots and mechanics, fuel, etc. They do not

work for IOUs, and

4. bankruptcy laws favor helping entrepreneurs restart businesses. Duhhhh.


Plus you miss another point wee Willlie. Trump said he pays federal taxes after the debate. He lied.


I am sure he pays all taxes that are due and payable.

Or the IRS would be on his case worse than hilldabitch and her establishment


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Please, feed William more pie, He is getting delusional again!


I have always been delusional such as I keep thinking I am

god's gift to the world and that the Miami Hurricanes have a

chance to win any more football games since I have been waiting for

15 years for another good season.

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