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Trump surges to lead in Colorado.

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Liar... Hillary is up 3.5 points in the Rocky Mountain High.


Scroll down to the swing states.

Then wipe the load you just shit in your pants.

If Trump Humps aren't lying they'd have nothing to talk about.

Electoral College

HRC: 307

Trump -230

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While I was in Nevada yesterday (won $1,250.00) I talked to an old time birth-resident of Colorado, waitress, and asked her why she left there. She told me the people there are shitheads, mean spirited, and greedy bastards, with a smile. She said she wasn't sorry she left and vowed never to return to that unfriendly vile state.

I immediately recognized a conservative state. So I guess you are telling us that this vile conservative state chooses a vile conservative like themselves. He wasn't rejected there like he has been across America.

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Hillary Clinton commands 11-point lead over Donald Trump in Colorado: Poll







Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Donald Trump received some bad news ahead of his visit to Colorado Monday after a new survey showed Hillary Clinton holds a double-digit lead over him in the state, thanks in part to strong support among minority voters.


The Monmouth University Polling Institute survey found Mrs. Clinton has a 49 percent to 38 percent lead over Mr. Trump among likely voters.

Fucked again by "THE BLACKS" racists.


How sweet is that?

I'm going to bring this thread up on Nov 8 after Hill wins Colorado and the election.


Oh look Nate Silver agrees that Hill is way ahead




Scroll down the link for battleground states info


Updated 31 minutes ago



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Trump surges to an 11 point deficit in Colorado.




These asshole will be crying the blues in November.


Here's a tissue.


lol Monmouth and MSNBC polls are by far the most blatantly bad. At least use a CNN poll with 3% Clinton lead. Its believable.

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lol Monmouth and MSNBC polls are by far the most blatantly bad. At least use a CNN poll with 3% Clinton lead. Its believable.

According to who?

A pathological liar?

Monmouth has been around awhile and it's highly respected..

But you'll find out soon enough BONER NOT RISING

Read and weep



One exception...Hillary now leads in Ohio

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