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Convince me that the wage gap is real.


In the first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton, when i heard Clinton say "We will fight for equal pay for equal work" I threw my phone downward from my couch hitting the table so hard that the screen shattered and its now completely useless. This is because in that moment I was so enraged that I couldnt control my destructive urges.


Why? Because the wage gap has been disproven time and time again, by economists, and even a feminists who did a full economic study said "we cannot find the smoking gun"


Women who work as a mcdonalds order taker in maryland recive $8.74 per hour

Men who work as a mcdonalds order taker in maryland recive $8.74 per hour



McDonald's Salaries in Maryland
Job Title McDonald's Salary Location Cashier - Hourly $7.95/hr Maryland, US Crew Member - Hourly $8.12/hr Maryland, US Mcdonalds Crew Member - Hourly $8.71/hr Maryland, US McDonalds Cashier - Hourly $8.74/hr Maryland, US



Notice how it doesn't specify a difference in pay for different genders?


For those of you that will argue that the annual salaries are different between men and women, allow me to carefully explain how much of a fucking idiot you are.


You cannot go including data you received annually, know why? because lets say you interview 50 men and 50 women, or even look at their tax information


Unless all 100 worked the same exact job, in the same exact state for the same exact amount of time without 1 hour of difference the n your data is flawed.

And thats not even considering if mcdonalds increases your hourly pay if you have worker their for a year already.


"equal pay for equal work" can only be considered if you look at hourly wages. nothing else works


Because the probability of finding a sample size without any differences in data other than gender is almost impossible.



If i (male) work for 20 hours a week. and my female co-worker works 40 hours a week, guess which one of us will end the week with more money?


Jesus its like you morons didn't pass 5th grade math.


No wait, 5th grade involves some basic algebra, the above mathematical question is basic arithmetic, so its more like 3rd grade math.

I leave you with this final piece of evidence dear reader, assuming you have read this far,


If an employer can legally pay women less than men for doing the same job, then why would they hire men at all?

Thats just a dumb financial decision because you would have to pay them more for no reason other than because they have a penis.

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