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trump hints he may chicken out of next debates due to the mic.

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Friday Sep 30, 2016 · 6:40 PM MDT

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It’s the Mic! That’s why he was dismantled by Hillary in debate #1. Hahaha

John Podesta predicted this right after the first debate. We’ll see if he makes it or demands some conspiracy theory type check of the Mics before each debate.

Trump knows he was beaten badly in debate #1. He’s totally unhinged!

On phone, @patrickhealynyt asked Trump if he'd do 2nd debate, “I want to do the next debate, but everybody is talking about the mic.”

You can hear the wheels turning--should I use this to get out of the debate?
But what a huge, historical, defining choke if he bails.


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He's scared the 68 year old grandmother will be mean to him again.


About his stupid mic.

I mean, Jesus Christ man, how hard would it have been for Trump to raise his hand and say," there's something wrong with my mic, can someone fix it." Someone runs up on stage and fixes it.


But Donald Trump isn't quick on his feet. He'd rather wait till later so he can complain about it and have another excuse for why Hillary had her way with him during the debate.

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