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A Tale of Two Students: Ahmed the Clock Boy and Levi

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A Tale of Two Students: Ahmed the Clock Boy and Levi

Sandy High Oregon High School student Levi Frunk has been suspended and will miss playing in his homecoming football game, because of a homemade phone charger he was using in school. He was suspended and he wasn’t Muslim. Hmmmm.

Liberal 101 - - - this is a totally different situation.

Where is this boy’s invitation to the White House, President Obama?

Looks like another ( sigh ) Liberal hypocrisy landslide.

If Ahmed hadn’t been a Muslim, his story would never have seen the light of day. Ahmed is not at a disadvantage because he’s Muslim: on the contrary, as the reaction from Obama and the fawning media showed, he’s privileged. Unlike Levi Frunk, who actually cooperated with school officials and authorities and answered their questions.

Unlike Ahmed, he didn’t cry “Judeophobia” or “Jew-hatred.

Unlike Ahmed, there are no tête–à–tête with President Obama, the UN dignitaries, the chairman of Google or engraved invites to meet with world leaders.

Unlike Ahmed, he didn’t sue the school district and city and then leave the country.

Unlike Ahmed, he didn’t then return to this country and file more lawsuits against FOX News, The Blaze, Jim Hanson, Fox Television Stations; Ben Ferguson et al. This is a sharia suit. Clockmed and his family are suing people who criticized them. It is not illegal to disagree with someone, or to criticize someone, in the United States. They are trying to impose sharia blasphemy restrictions: do not criticize Islam. Do not criticize Muslims. This suit should be dismissed with prejudice immediately. But in Obama’s America, you never know.

Instead, Levi Frunk said, “I’m a little upset I can’t play in my game tomorrow, but it was pretty fair.”

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South wants to change the subject from Trump's twitter rampage that has him losing votes by the minute.


You're screwed.


Ground control to ES - - - come in ES. The OP is about hypocrisy, concerning a Muslim kid & a Jewish kid. Read the post slowly.

Now just who is trying to change the subject?

ES, where do I send the Carbuncle award?

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