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The 13 wives of Trump, Giuliani, Gingrich, and Limbaugh...

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These four 'great' husbands. The Mount Rushmore of Hypocrites. These four upstanding examples of 'CONservative Family Values????


What grounds do Trump, or the other three obnoxious morons, have to ever claim they're conservatives? Aren't conservatives supposed to have their shit together, be responsible, be loyal to their wives?


Were all 9 divorces, between these four pillars of conservatism, the fault of their ex-wives?


Extremely doubtful. All four of these clowns have displayed every worst quality a husband could have. They have no business saying a thing about the Clinton's marriage.


Oh yeah, how many marriages have the Clinton's had?




Still going strong...


Bill will be our nations first First Gentleman!


Hillary will be our nations first woman POTUS!


Trump, Giuliani, Gingrich, and Limbaugh, will remain The Four Stooges...

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