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Trump and Clinton are both horrible.


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If Clinton gets in office, she'll be more hated by the GOP than Obama and her impeached husband.



Both Clinton and Trump are conservatives working for the ALEC Koch bucks .....


Voter Suppression = Denying a citizen the right to vote = breaking the law!

Shouldn't the FBI and the Attorney General at the federal level be investigating this matter? Can't citizens demand an FBI investigation?

Voting Republican … Why?

There is no legal foundation for this activity. These people have chosen a few thousand voters and pronounced them guilty without a jury trial.

Why are voters so quiet?

Voting Republican … Why?

Voting the RINO/GOP ticket represents a:

A war on women

A war on the economy

A war on USA jobs

A war on voters rights

A war on public education

A war on medicare

A war on medicaid

A war on Social Security.

At the federal and state levels of government as we speak.

Voter Suppression is a problem that some are suggesting is being effective. Don't underestimate these white collar criminals.

ALEC RINO Republicans Hate Voters

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If Clinton gets in office, she'll be more hated by the GOP than Obama and her impeached husband.

Why do you think everyone hates Hillary personally? It is the ideology she represents, not her. It is her methodology in conducting business, not how she raised Chelsea by proxy.


Hell, Chelsea was conceived for political opportunity, not because she wanted to be a mom. Hillary is a career denier. That is why she is unpopular among instinctive people.


Intellect promotes fraud, not honesty. Notice it equally applies to Trump. but here is why trump is the lesser of two evils, he bought political favors, Hillary sold them and that was selling out those she and her husband were elected to represent as she used their money to get her money.

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