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One More Time


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The U.S. spends less as a percentage of its GDP than it should to realize a full fledged sustainable economy - all things considered, only about 2 percent more is required, and it would be easier than most people think to do the right thing if we could only find the will.

First, the global markets are fruitless avenues of efficiency - Trump has one thing right, with all the U.S. military power, something is, desperately wrong, and it's called subsidy of the military industrial complex for one.

But global trade is a dead fish. There's far far to much lack of efficiency everywhere. Too many countries depend too much on selling their own finite natural resources, where only a few capitalize while the many suffer in poverty.

Waste is rampant in the U.S. by redundancies. IN the U.S. Today, Grocery stores, Restaurants, households that consume, waste probably half as much food as they utilize. And yes, there's water in all that waste

that gets stuck in a time warp if you will. And every time someone buys a new car it's meant to last at least a decade, a full decade of horrible inefficiency in energy usage.


Still I have hope. Teach your kids Dave, that's what the marine from WWII told me, my dad, the day he died.




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