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Trump will lose if he does not submit his tax returns for sure.


When he admits that he paid zero income taxes, and that proves he is smart, then what does that say about the vast majority of his voters who DO pay taxes?


Yep,he thinks they are suckers.

And he is not wrong, but they are suckers because they support a moron who cannot even prepare for a debate.

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In my state education is funded Thru county property taxes so Hillary is wrong saying trump does not pay his fair share to education I'm sure he pays a huuuuuuuuuge property tax bill every year

Well property taxes would be deducted from his income tax on his IRS forms, so the sure way to verify how much he is paying would be to examine his tax returns. Unless you live in NY, Trump is not funding your education. If you are a vet, then the GI Bill if funding you.


Trump got tons of property tax exemptions and exclusions in NYC when he was gobbling up apartment buildings, evicting the tenants from formerly rent controlled apartments and converting them into unaffordable condos.

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It is easy to LEGALLY pay little or no taxes. Everyone including myself does it every year. Lib fools on the short form pay through the nose. Hilarity and Slick Willie have already set up Trusts to make sure the stolen money is passed on to Chelsea and the grandchild. Rich people pay as little as possible and the calls for them to pay more are foolish. YOU have paid, are paying, and will always pay. Lib tax reform will never pass the house and senate.

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