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Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) is ‘Completely Unhinged’


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Republican and "completely unhinged." These words seem to be increasingly linked together.





Washington Post:Maine Gov. Paul LePage Is ‘Completely Unhinged’ And Should Quit.

Newspaper also says he should “seek help.”






The Washington Post delivered the opposite of an endorsement on Tuesday evening, urging Maine Gov. Paul LePage ® to resign.

The newspaper’s editorial called the Republican politician “completely unhinged” and cited a “three-ring circus of unhinged racism and ravings.”

LePage has consistently targeted minorities with false ― and at times bizarre ― allegations, including a claim that he had a binder full of mug shots showing that 90 percent of drug dealers arrested in the state were black or Hispanic.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that minorities only made up 40 percent of the photos in the binder. Now, his office wants to “move on” from the issue.

The Post wrote:

He really should move on — by resigning and seeking help, in order to spare the people of Maine more of his wild-eyed ramblings. Having menaced a Democratic state legislator in an obscenity-filled voice-mail rant, likened the IRS to the Gestapo and suggested that President Obama “go to hell,” Mr. LePage threatens to remake his state’s image from a vacation paradise of surreal natural beauty to a hotbed of hatred.

The newspaper chided him for “memorable assaults on decent governance and public civility,” for hiring his own relatives and “threatening to shoot the political cartoonist of a state newspaper.”

The governor has indicated that women can’t be trusted with money, and claimed drug dealers “with the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty” come into the state to “impregnate a young, white girl.”

Last month, LePage claimed he considered resigning, but quickly reversed course and said he wasn’t going to quit after all.


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I'm sure Trump loves him. He can relate.


The Bush's have property in Maine.


The field behind my house has bushes in it.


The field behind my house is racist.


I'm not as good at this as appoplectic diuretic.



"A Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto.

With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances."




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