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'My temperament' ad hits trump hard on his lack of self-contro


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This is an excellent ad exposing the compulsive lying, violence inciting psychotic, at his worst, which is normal for him. Only a psychotic would say his 'temperament is his best asset'. Trump has a psychotic compulsion to constantly lie...


This ad should be played in all 50 states on a loop for the next 42 days!

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That was it?


It's long past overdue to tell someone they can go F themselves when you're talking about the traitors debasing the citizenry, ruining the economy and selling out to foreign uranium interests.








Yeah, like that.









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He has the best temperament.


He has the best words.


He's the best in business.


He makes the best deals.


He has the best judgement.


He wins every debate he blatantly loses.


He 'never said that', then they show him saying it...


Donald Trump will win the acknowledgement of being the MOST mentally ill political candidate in U.S. history.

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