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Trump's Lack of Stamina


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Trump is a drug addict. Cocaine train on his brain. Brain is fried, can't remember anything, needs his drugs, drugs on his mind, can't sleep, sniffs all day long. SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF Trump can only do one campaign stop a day, clearly unfit, he has to run home and rest.

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I addition to Trump losing steam during the debate Trump was sniffling like he had a cold but he's done that in the primary debates. As usual Trump lied about it. 'There was no sniffles,' Trump says after debate


'No Sniffles,' Trump Says, Denying the Obvious - New York Magazine





You can always tell what a liberal is afraid of, but they lies he tells.

Hillary is sick, and even the left knows it, so what do they do? Project that illness on Trump.


I love watching this shit happening to you morons.



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