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hillary: "I've prepared to be president."

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hillary: "I have prepared to be president."


Part of my prep has been to leave my US Ambassador

behind with his brave security guard to be tortured and

murdered in benghazi. That is what I will do for all

Americans overseas.


Part of my prep has been to vote for geo bushit and

dick head cheney to invade iraq for oil billionaires and

to kill and maim our US soldiers. That is what I will do

for all of our men in the military.


Part of my prep has been to get billy bob to sign nafta

to ship our US manufacturing jobs OUT of our god damn

country, well when he was not fucking every cunt in the

white house.


Part of my prep is to vow to put coal miners OUT OF BUSINESS.


Part of my prep has been to accept millions in bribe money for

access to my power.


Part of my prep has been to LIE and to say anything to get

elected as pointed out by President Obama.


Part of my brilliant prep has been to demean and insult and

to criticize and throw mud and lies at Trump INSTEAD OF

showing anything POSITIVE that I have done in 30 years of politics.


So, in conclusion my fellow 'mericans, heh, heh, heh, will be to send

more US manufacturing and jobs OUT OF THE USA with TPP,

and to kill and maim more of our kids by sending them into more

shit holes like bill did in mogadishu and I did in iraq and benghazi,

and to sell more power and influence so I can grab more millions of

dollars and LIE to all the fat assed women in this country so they

can internalize everyone's problems as they sit on their pity pots.

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