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Trump Got the Hillary Dump


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Everybody is saying the pedophile Trump lost his ass in the debate big time!! He tried to lie over and over and the moderator called him a fucking liar. Hillary was laughing the whole time. It was so embarrassing for con loser, and he doesn't have that sharp mind the cons were telling us about, no facts, calling to have others answer his questions, looking really bad over not releasing his tax returns,.................. Gawwwwwwwwwwd, it was a terrible beat down for Trump.


And his health is failing, he could hardly stand up, leaning on the podium, weird sounds coming out of every orfice in his body, the cocaine sniffles, SNIFFFFFFF, SNIFFFFFFFF, LMAO!!!








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I am glad I skipped this circus show.


Seriously, what's the point of a debate at this stage? Any "undecided" voters at this point must be mentally handicapped dimwits.

You just might learn something. Like Trump was a friend of gaddafi. So we can add that to the list of dictators. Did you know that? And you put the candidate on the spot to the nation. Trump tried to skirt the tax issue. Voters want to see them. So the debates are good to draw stuff out of candidates they are trying to hide. Trump got caught lying several times, the moderator corrected him.

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lol... That is not what I saw at all. I saw a big rotten tomato in red. Turn off MSNBC and check other places. Even the liberals claiming a slam dunk are having to say it won't help the polls. Also TIME poll has Donald winning 58-42.

Lmao. Trump had NO stamina. Hillary rattled him.

CNN poll:

Clinton: 62%

Trump 27%




Trump was an embarrassment.

Undecided voters being interviewed.

Prevailing sentiment:" Trump disrespected the voters and the process tonite by being so unprepared. If this is what a Trump government would look like, we're in big trouble."

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Minutes After The Debate Ended Trump Took To Twitter To Claim He Was Cheated

by Busta Troll

Well that didn’t take long.

Donald trump, who had just been beaten to a bloody pulp for 90 minutes by an opponent so far out of his league it’s preposterous, did the only thing he knows how to do: Claim he was treated unfairly:


Nothing on emails. Nothing on the corrupt Clinton Foundation. And nothing on#Benghazi. #Debates2016 #debatenight

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 27, 2016

Poor Donald. He looked like such a petulant little child up there. His obvious case of the sniffles aside, his lack of preparation, lack of personality, lack of ability to actually compose a coherent thought and lack of any human decency came through perfectly. No, Donald. Nobody wants to listen to right-wing conspiracy theories. Secretary Clinton covered emails. The Clinton Foundation, unlike your sham charities, actually does charitable work. Please go home, have a good cry and try again October 9th.

We here at GOPocalypse would like to congratulate Secretary Clinton on not just a win but a blowout.




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