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Hillary has plans to defeat Isis on her website

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She's held powerful positions for many years; so what's her track record on defeating Islamic radicals. Anyone/ Someone? Gotta be something.

  • The Democrat plan for defeating Islamic radicals.

Full Screen Best.

24 hours ago, and still crickets from the Liberal Peanut Gallery.

Hillary's held powerful positions for many years; so what's her track record on defeating Islamic radicals. Anyone/ Someone? Gotta be something.

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How many people here understand how to move within an immovable object or space on their own while existing with everything else outside their skin universally contained by the same instant nothing remains as it added so far?


Now seeing very many while everyone exercises rationed thought over and over. nobody is thinking around how and why everything stays one of a kind even as total sum events so far?


always inventing caricatures of possiblities, but never accepting Eternity is here all the time and what does exist is eternally adapting now as existing here. How deep does that penetrate inaccurate accounts of history in the making recorded by slanted opinions arguing anything else is more likely that remaining self contained by the moment here.


Imagine now has always been Eternity no society ever focused itself around geographically separating this atmosphere into 24 relative time zones of opposite seasons co0existing simultaneously as do male and fmeale reproductions of life as a food chain limited to this atmosphere naturally.


How mad do you think Christians would be when they learned their own ancestry was embezzled from understandign this atmosphere itself is a Garden of Eden and it was societal evolution that trained their brains to mind rules promoting anything is possible.


How mad do you think Jihadists would be at their own government? Time to send Frankenstein's monster back to the labatory that designed such a mind.


Or corrupted powers of persuasion manifested the destiny of everyone spaced apart ancestrally so far.


What society doesn't function that way historically or currently? Those trying to frame America created the opportunity, but ancestry converted back to old world traditions of acting as a mob mentality rather than sole results of ancestry living together now all the time.


Trump will not make anything greater than self contianed to now, Neither would Hillary, Bernie, Obama, George w, George H, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, etc etc. ANCESTRY IS THE CREATOR OF ANCESTORS all the time there is a species of with lifetimes now here.

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Oblameo and hilarity created ISIS by pulling out too soon. Oblameo is putting troops back into Iraq. The only reason that Land is being taken back from ISIS in Syria is the mad bomber PUTIN. Oblameo would not even bomb oil truck convoys that were supplying ISIS with operating cash. Putin bombed not only convoys but oil refineries too. Putin is flattening everything in front of the SAA. Putin is even bombing Peshmerga (our ally) and has come close to bombing our SF who are fighting alongside the YPG. Putin has a goal and it is not to destroy ISIS. The goal of Putin is to keep his ally Assad from being toppled. If Putin has to bomb ISIS in order to reach his goal he will. There will not be co-operation with Putin and oblameo-kerry are pounding sand. Putin knows there can be no trust of oblameo. Oblameo's goal is to remove Assad. Putin needs to keep Assad as a puppet. No co-operation. If hilarity is elected she will get no respect from Putin. Remember the reset button? hahahahahah. Line in the sand. Smart power. Lead from behind. hahahahahahaaaa.

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She was Secretary of State, not Secretary of War, you silly ass.

Right - - - powerless - - - I forgot about Bengazi.

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“She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

But she was spot on defending a child rapist.

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