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Biggest day for America's future, a clash of classes

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Tonight, the prez debate will determine America's future.

Essentially, tonight is a clash of classes of Americans.


1. hillary wants to spend, spend, spend your money and give

free college to upper income families so college kids can have

more money to spend on drugs and themselves instead of studying.

In fact, hillary is a drunk and a druggie and there is video of her

stumbling drunk to a car and on stages giving speeches.

Trump does not do drugs or drink alcohol and essentially is a

self made billionaire.


2. hillary is part of the republican establishment. In fact, she was

once a young republican which is kinda like a neo nazi for the RICH,

not the middle class.

Trump is a builder and a job creator.


3. hillary and the establishment want to globalize jobs and our

manufacturing and put Americans OUT of work because working

Americans are too greedy with wanting good pay and the American

dream. hillary was for NAFTA and TPP and will continue to send

jobs out of our country.

Trump wants to put import taxes on crap from outside our country

to rebuild our manufacturing and jobs HERE just like Pres. George

Washington did with European manufactured goods.


4. hillary wants open borders and to bring in more terrorists, mexicans

drug dealers, as well as crap made in other countries because she is

in bed with the rich and large corporations.

hillary says that building walls like the jews have done in Palestine is

wrong and is not effective to protect America.

Trump wants to make America great again and stop the unlimited

flow of terrorists and criminal illegals into this country.


5. hillary wants pay for play and pay for access to govt just like our

congressmen do in representing ONLY the rich who bribe them.

Trump wants to end the criminal actions of hillary and congress.


6. Even though hillary spends millions to LIE to veterans in her campaign

ads, in fact, she left Ambassador Stevens and American soldiers to DIE in

benghazi on American soil just like bush and cheney allowed 9-11 to happen.

Trump wants to kill isis to protect America and Americans.


Americans have a choice for the future of America.

On one hand, you can have a corrupt hillary who will continue the bribery of

politicians who work ONLY for the rich, and

On the other hand, you could have a self made billionaire who is successful in

business executive decision making and will make ALLL Americans


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Don't expect that the news media will be fair and impartial to Trump

when the news media is bought and paid for flunkies by the corporations

who are their sponsors. And those corporations are owned by the

filthy rich. And hillary is in their pockets accepting bribes.


Expect the news media to be showing mark cuban, a strong hillary

supporter and a narcisstic, arrogant sociopath every second as he smirks

and acts up like a two year old when Trump speaks.

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All that a pres hillary will do is to continue to run up the national debt and

dump the repayment and inflation onto the youngest adults, 20+ to 40 and

their children. she craps on young people and young American adults.


the reason is that hillary and the rich in this country ONLY want low or NO

taxation for them and so they use deficit spending and borrowing and printing

money which screws young Americans and their children. And the rich

move jobs OUT of the country which further raises the national debt.


In contrast, Trump will create jobs HERE and will put import taxes on crap

from china and rebuild our country. Trump is a builder. hillary is a criminal

and a flunkie for the rich.

As much as the media likes them...presidential debates rarely move the needle on the outcome of elections.
There have been exceptions...most early in the televised era...but not recently.


I totally disagree. bush won because gore made himself look like an idiot.

obama won because romney had his facts all screwed up.

obama nearly lost because he looked asleep during the first debate with


ray gun won because he mocked Carter: There ya go again.


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People think that...but the numbers don't support it.


Looking back at the polls just before the debates start compared to the results:


2012 - Obama up 3 - Obama wins by 3.9

2008 - Obama up 6 - Obama wins by 7

2004 - Bush up 3 - Bush wins by 2.6

2000 - Dead even - Hello?

1996 - Clinton up 12 - Clinton wins by 8

1992 - Clinton up 16 - Clinton wins by 19

1988 - Bush up 9 - Bush wins by 7

1984 - Reagan up 19 - Reagan wins by 18

1980 - Carter up 3 - Reagan wins by 10 (in this race Anderson dropped 10 points as 3rd party)

1976 - Carter up 2 - Carter wins by 2


The debates MIGHT impact the margin, but with the POSSIBLE exception of 1980, the don't change anything.

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Those voting because they share the same gender as hillary

or because racist blacks hate white, self made millionaires are

essentially the most stupid fucks on the planet, kinda like saying

even though haitians, muslims, africans, mexicans have fucked up

their homelands, welllllll, go ahead and let them in to fuck up this



Those voting for hillary include the rich ass holes screwing women

and blacks and their corporations and congress continuing to constantly

raise the national debt because they refuse to tax the rich or regrow our

manufacturing base and jobs as Trump wants to do.


Sooooooo, basically, you have the dumber than dog shit crowd going

along with the rich constantly screwing ALL of Americans. Whackos. :blink: :wacko:


Regardless whether Trump wins the election or not, he still will win

with his name and businesses. You do not fly around in an expensive

jetliner with pilots, mechanics and fuel on a cash basis unless you are

doing something right in business.


In contrast, hillary is incompetent in everything except peddling her

ass and influence and con job for wealth.

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