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Donald J. Trump and O.J. Simpson... The N.P.D. Brothers

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Both men have used women as trophies. Both have denied spousal abuse. Both are blatant sufferers and exploiters of Narcissist Personality Disorder...


Both men basically have worshipped themselves, scoffed at the law, portrayed media as dishonest. Both have deplorably used RACE to further their sinister agendas. Both are SEVERE compulsive LIARS. Both prefer to have YES people around them, and have little to no tolerance for anyone confronting their wrongdoings. Both have destroyed their careers and brands, and have scraped the bottom of the barrel to climb out of the gutters they created. These two guys have WAY too much in common, and none of it flatters them. They love you if you love them, hate you if you question them.


Both have displayed blatant psychosis and evil temperaments. Both have loved the spotlight even when it shines them in the most repulsive light. Two infamous victims, and victimizers, of Narcissist Personality Disorder.


Donald and O.J., brothers from different mothers!!

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