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Trump Tried to Bribe Jeb Bush And Bush Turned Him Down


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Trump also tried to bribe Governor-elect Jeb Bush. Jeb turned him down. Then Trump lied about it under oath. This is a whole lot worse than lying about a blow job don't you think CONS?


New bombshell: Trump committed perjury or lied about trying to bribe ...


Jeb Bush said Donald Trump wanted casino gambling in Florida, got ...


Jeb Bush's gubernatorial campaign did get $500,000 from a fundraiser Trump was part of but the was not quid pro quo.


DEBATE FACT CHECK: Trump Insisted He Never Lobbied Jeb for ...


OK CONS... Trump admitted to trying to bribe Jeb Bush and Jeb did not allow casinos in Florida and in spite of that you CONS picked Trump over Jeb Bush. What is wrong with you scumbags?

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