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Trump's war on the free press and his desire to end all fact check


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Trump Accelerates His War On The Free Press With Desire To End All Fact Checks

By Jason Easley on

Sun, Sep 25th, 2016 at 4:54 pm

The Trump campaign has accelerated their war on the First Amendment by putting forward the idea that reporters should never at any time fact check Trump.


The Trump campaign has accelerated their war on the First Amendment by putting forward the idea that reporters should never at any time fact check Trump.

Here is Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway declaring war on fact-checkers:

On ABC’s This Week, Conway said:

So Hillary Clinton’s casual relationship with the truth is well known to Americans. I’m sure we’ll see it on full display tomorrow night. And I really don’t appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact-checkers and that these debate moderators should somehow do their bidding.

They picked on Matt Lauer after the commander in chief debate forum. We thought he did a great job but they didn’t like the fact that Hillary Clinton was asked about her e-mail server and her route in Iraq. That’s not Matt Lauer’s fault. And Lester Holt’s — he’s a — he’s a respected, brilliant newsman. He’ll do a good job tomorrow night as a moderator. It’s not his job —

Conway said something that escalated the Trump view that moderators should fact check to a belief that no media should fact check.

The belief that fact checking is wrong is the foundation of Trump’s media criticism. When Trump claims that a reporter or network is “unfair” to him, his basis for the claim is that they fact-checked him. Trump views the role of the free press as to cover everything his says and praise him. His belief that the media should be a megaphone instead of a reality check is why Trump has been camping out exclusively on Fox News for weeks.

The one thing that is never seen on Trump’s Fox News programs of choice is a fact check of his statements.

Donald Trump is an opponent of press freedom. It would be easy to see a Trump White House intimidate fact checks out of existence by targeting reporters and outlets who fact check the president for retribution. A press that can’t criticize or fact check a president is not free, which is exactly what Donald Trump wants.


Good, smart, >normal< people are going to fact check the hell out of trump.

And you know what..?

They ain't a thing the cons can do about it. Not a thing.


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Jewish Elders Warn Their Grandchildren: Vote For Hillary, ‘We’ve Seen This Before’ (VIDEO)
By Ryan Denson on September 26, 2016 10:55 am ·

This election will ask us to choose one of the following: an overqualified, dignified woman, or a fascist, xenophobic billionaire. The woman, Hillary Clinton, has dedicated her life to fighting for the rights and dignities of all, while the man, Donald Trump, has fought only for himself and his pockets.

One group that tends to vote Democrat – but has been leaning a little more towards the right recently – are Jewish people. In 2008, 78 percent of Jewish Americans voted for President Obama, as did 74 percent in 2012.

This year is different. Instead of facing off against John McCain or Mitt Romney, the Democrats are facing off against the definition of fascism and xenophobia. And they have a message to their grandchildren: vote for Hillary Clinton.

Why? Because they’ve seen this before.

In a video titled “A Message From Grandma & Grandpa: We’ve Seen This Before,” a group of elderly Jewish Americans plead with their younger generations to get out and vote, and warns against the type of man Donald Trump is. They “enlisted some powerful allies in the effort to defeat Donald Trump: grandparents.” And they aren’t holding back:

“This is probably one of the most important elections, because there is so much is at stake.”

Of course, their experiences with Germany take front and center:

“We have seen this before
We saw it in Germany, and don’t want to see it again.”

Their hatred for Trump is not hidden, and for good reason:

“Trump is more than a tyrant. He’s an obnoxious lying individual and I haven’t any respect for him. I have tremendous fears for the country and and for you, my grandchildren.”

Adding some lighthearted (but important) humor, one grandparent tells their grandkids:

“If you vote the future is yours. If you don’t vote for Hillary, and that crazy man Trump is elected, I’ll haunt you when I die.”

Another promises to be a major spoiler:

“I’ll spoil every episode of ‘Game of Thrones. When you’re having a dinner party, I’ll come down and say something racist, but if you’re voting for Trump, you probably don’t care.”

The powerful video, sponsored by Bend the Arc Jewish Action, was released to warn future generations not to forget their history, and to listen to the wisdom of their elders, especially ones that know oppression when they see it:

“We, as Jews, recognize that [Trump’s] candidacy has echoed times when the Jewish community experienced the dangers of fascism, anti-immigration and persecution against religious minorities. We’ve seen this before
and we wanted to make sure that as Jews we were speaking out boldly and loudly and making sure it was known the Jewish community rejects Trump for the platform of hatred and bigotry that he has unleashed.”

Watch the powerful ad here:


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noun: debate; plural noun: debates


a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.

synonyms: discussion, discourse, parley, dialogue; More

argument, counterargument, dispute, wrangle, war of words;

argumentation, disputation, dissension, disagreement, contention, conflict;

negotiations, talks;

informalconfab, powwow

"a debate on the reforms"

an argument about a particular subject, especially one in which many people are involved.

"the national debate on abortion"


verb: debate; 3rd person present: debates; past tense: debated; past participle: debated; gerund or present participle: debating


argue about (a subject), especially in a formal manner.

"the board debated his proposal"

synonyms: discuss, talk over/through, talk about, thrash out, hash out, argue, dispute; More

informalkick around, bat around

"they will debate the future of rail transport"

consider a possible course of action in one's mind before reaching a decision.

"he debated whether he should leave the matter alone or speak to her"

synonyms: consider, think over/about, chew over, mull over, ponder, revolve, deliberate, contemplate, muse, meditate; formalcogitate

"he debated whether to call her"

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