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Mods. I Have Disappearing Downloads

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In a couple of my posts, I downloaded some pictures from imgur.com. Some of them have disappeared. They used to be there. Now a black box shows up that says there is some sort of problem with them. Such as them no longer being available. A few of the pictures were of camels. After they disappeared, I did delete them from imgur.com. But the thing is that none of them should have disappeared to begin with. Could somebody around here tell me what is going on? Is somebody around here messing with me? Or is there some problem with imgur.com.

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At least read the rules before downloading disappearing gore pics and then complaining about it. Members who breach the rules; Especially multiple times, like in your case, are subject to suspension.


Rules for NHB

Welcome to No Holds Barred
Helmets are recommended for beginners
The asker of the unanswered question wins

No more than five new threads a day
No trash talking about members and their kids
No porn, or links to porn
No gore pictures
No cursing, cussing, swearing, or other bad language in thread titles
No, 'outting' of members or their families; names, addresses, phone numbers, SSNs, etc. Linking to pages that have this info is permitted; ie: police reports


The Empress and the Warden have the final say on all matters

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