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Clinton Campaign Invites Infowars Reporter To Volunteer

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“Having registered as media for Hillary Clinton's staged speaking event in Philadelphia, though denied entry, Millie Weaver is later invited to volunteer and work for Hillary's campaign! In a bizarre twist of fate, Millie disguises herself as a third-wave feminist and goes deep behind enemy lines getting a firsthand look inside the Democratic Party. Join Millie as she exposes the vulnerable desperation of Hillary's campaign as they face a loosing battle against Donald Trump for the state of Ohio.

And then there is this news today ...



CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: “So Long Ohio” …Hillary Is Giving Up on Buckeye State

You don't say? :D

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The Crackpot Conspiracy King - Alex Jones and InfoWars


Two small excerpts....


Notoriously hard-to-place ideologically (though clearly located to the right on most topics), Jones' views amount to some kind of high-powered mutant hybrid of libertarianism/paleoconservatism/evangelical protestantism/neoreactionism/miscellaneous. Jones is one of the very few people who can make Glenn Beck look comparatively sane; it gets worse from there.


Much like NaturalNews, citing Infowars in an argument usually means you are completely wrong, or you may be so off, your view is literally beyond wrong.


And we all know how much ol' BeALoser loves 9/11 Truthers like Jones....LOLOLOL...

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