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Christopher Christie And The Pooh


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If you lived in a crook world where honey bears

lied and were racists who wouldn't let black people live

in their apartments Christopher Christie thought...


There would be in the crook a bear called Trump

who loved a lot of honey, and one huge amount of honey

huge, giant undisclosed buckets of honey was all that

Trump bear seemed to care much about


And the Port Authority, well, Tigger would growl his

cub-like growl, would have only one, only one constituent

In the crook.


It's all for Christopher, Tigger who controlled the Port Authority



Trump bear, thinking about only huge vast amounts of undisclosed buckets of honey in crook world

Said, hello, Tigger, please, Tigger, if that is your real name, tell me more about


This Port Authority honey machine...


Well, a thump thump thump, Tigger said, well old boy Trump


It could be better than anything you ever imagined. All the honey you

can eat, every kind,


And Trump said to himself, every kind, and every type oh so sweet

I will stamp my name Trump on every jar, every bucket of that sweet honey

And America will be great, really really unbelievably great.



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