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The Immunized Five: Meet The People Covering For Hillary

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The Justice Department has granted immunity to a grand total of five individuals involved in the Hillary Clinton email scandal.


We didn’t learn about most of these five until WEEKS and WEEKS after Comey went before the public to let Hillary off the hook.


It’s not like the FBI or DOJ have been forthcoming about this … EVEN TO CONGRESS.


Because the FBI and DOJ are themselves corrupt now.

On Friday, the FBI, in response to a subpoena, gave the House Oversight Committee information about immunity agreements reached as part of the Clinton email investigation. The list included a total of five names, including two Clinton attorneys.

Here are their histories and their roles in the never-ending Clinton email fracas.

Cheryl Mills

Hillary Clinton’s State Department chief of staff who currently works as her personal attorney. Mills entered the Clinton orbit as a lawyer in the Bill Clinton White House.

This description is hardly adequate. Surely the Daily Caller could have dug deeper. Here, let me assist them so you’ll understand why there is NO EXCUSE for the FBI giving this women immunity thinking that she would aid their investigation.

As Deputy Counsel for President Clinton in the 90s, she was up to her neck in the illegalities of his administration. She was one of three Clinton White House lawyers who recommended Bill Clinton release the private letters of Kathleen Willey, in clear violation of the Privacy Act. Indeed, a federal court eventually ruled that Bill Clinton committed a crime when he authorized the release of letters written to him by Ms. Willey. Of course, there was no one to prosecute that crime because Clinton owned the FBI and DOJ, just as they do now.

FOIA division head Sonya Stewart testified under oath that during Congress and Judicial Watch's Chinagate investigations Mills withheld documents in violation of court orders. Mills was also a key player in the first Emailgate scandal, which was uncovered by Judicial Watch during the course of its "Filegate" litigation against the Clinton White House. Judicial Watch discovered more than 1.8 million email communications that the Clinton White House had withheld from Judicial Watch, federal investigators and members of Congress. Mills was called to testify in that Emailgate scandal and couldn't remember numerous things that she should have known. Just like she couldn’t seem to remember much during the FBI’s recent questioning in the current Servergate scandal. Instead she chastised the committee saying "Your investigations will not feed one person, give shelter to someone who is homeless, educate one child, provide health care for one family or offer justice to one African-American or Hispanic juvenile . . . You could spend your time making the lives of the individuals you serve better, as opposed to tearing down the staff of a president with whose vision and policies you disagree." What a SANCTIMONIOUS piece of leftist GARBAGE. A jail sentence would wipe that smug expression she wears off her face.

In a law suit that Judicial Watch filed regarding Emailgate, Judge Royce Lamberth went so far as to call Cheryl Mills' participation in the matter “LOATHSOME”. LOATHSOME. Eventually, on November 6, 1997 to be precise, she admitted to the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee that she (and White House Counsel Jack Quinn) had deliberately withheld documents from the court for 15 months, including a memo suggesting Clinton wanted the $1.7 million White House Office Data Base illegally shared with the DNC. But then, as now, a Democrat controlled FBI and DOJ protected her. Representative David McIntosh, on that committee, sent Attorney General Janet Reno a referral involving perjury and obstruction of justice charges against Mills. Reno did nothing. And as rewards for her *faithful* service to Clinton, Mills not only now sits on the Clinton Foundation's Board, she became Hillary's campaign chairman and chief fund-raiser, and then Counselor and Chief of Staff to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Who says crime doesn't pay?

That’s the description that the Daily Callers readers needed to hear about Cheryl Mills.


Cheryl Mills was AND IS a coverup specialist and it’s high time she be put in jail for it.


If the mainstream media would report ANY of this, Hillary's career would be over and Mills would already be in jail.


But then the MSM is covering for Hillary and Obama too.


Well, maybe things are about to change for both Mills AND Hillary. We can HOPE, for a CHANGE. :D

Heather Samuelson

A longtime Clinton campaign staffer who worked for as White House liaison at Clinton’s State Department and, later, as her lawyer.

As a lawyer, Samuelson led up the 2014 review of Clinton’s emails to determine which ones were work-related and which were personal.

According to Politico’s report, Samuelson received DOJ immunity in exchange for turning over the laptop she used during the review of Clinton’s emails in 2014.

What the FBI did here is totally bogus. The FBI didn’t need to grant her immunity to get access to her laptop. They could have seized it if for no other reason than to see if it had classified emails on it. She had no basis to refuse turning it over to them in this investigation.

Furthermore, we know that in December 2014, as the coverup began, she and Mills requested that BleachBit be used to delete emails from their computer. This is a clear indication of Obstruction of Justice. She and Mills clearly led the effort to cover up Clinton’s emails and instead of being given immunity should have been the prime targets of the investigation. The FBI should have rolled them over in order to get to Hillary. Instead they got immunity for NOTHING in return but scores of “I don’t recall” responses to questions.

This CROOKED sweet little face …


should have been put under hot bright lights and squeezed till she popped.


She was the obvious candidate to bring down the whole cabal.


But the modern day *G-MEN* are nothing less than corrupt … so they didn’t do it.


Bet she ends up working for the Clinton Foundation … or ends up in a ditch … anything to keep her silent in the future.

I won't bother with the other three. The point is that the FBI investigation is a SHAM. Comey should be impeached and there should be a thorough effort to remove the corruption from the rest of the FBI. This must be a high priority task once Trump is in office if we are to save the country. Just saying ... :angry:

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A technician hired by Hillary Clinton to run the private email system she used while U.S. secretary of state told investigators he tried to pass on colleagues' concerns that the system might not comply with records laws, FBI interview summaries show.

Bryan Pagliano, the technician Clinton hired when she joined the State Department in 2009, told federal investigators he relayed the concerns to Cheryl Mills, then Clinton's chief of staff.

Mills, whose lawyer did not respond to requests for comment, has previously testified under oath she could not recall anyone alerting her to potential problems with Clinton's email arrangement.

The episode had not been disclosed until the Federal Bureau of Investigation released on Friday night nearly 200 pages of additional records from its year-long investigation into the handling of classified government documents by Clinton and her staff via an unauthorized email server in the basement of her New York home.

Wouldn’t be the first time Mills has lied under oath.

The real question is why did the FBI and DOJ give her immunity?

I think we all know the answer, don’t we?

The FBI and DOJ are CORRUPT.

Impeach Comey and Lynch.

Do it before the election.

Just saying …

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