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Trump’s properties sued numerous times for disabilities violations


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His mocking of the reporter was just another instance in his long history of persecuting the disabled.




At least eight times, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s properties have been subject to lawsuits for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, court records show.

Only once did Trump come close to winning, in a suit that was dismissed at the request of both sides. Five of the cases were settled, while two ended in consent decrees requiring building modifications and one met its end in a Trump property bankruptcy.

“What was so striking and frankly appalling was the way he tried to fight [the violations],” said Helena Berger, the president and CEO of the nonprofit American Association of People with Disabilities. “That, I think, is really telling.”


Still, after Trump mocked a New York Times reporter with arthrogryposis last November, the reality TV star defended himself by pointing out how much money he’d spent on accessibility in his hotels. “I spend millions a year, or millions of dollars on ramps,” he said in July, “and get rid of the stairs and different kinds of elevators all over and I’m gonna mock? I would never do that.”

Spending that money is a legal requirement: The Americans with Disabilities Act, which became law in 1990, requires that buildings and spaces used by the public meet specific disability access standards.

Trump, she said, “clearly sees people with disabilities as sick or in need of charity and pity, rather than people with rights who deserve to be out and about and accessing the community.”


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